Volunteer Orphanage Programs Abroad

If you have a teaching and childcare experience then it will be a god option for you to join any Volunteer Orphanage . The reason it that it is very rewarding and practical. There are about 132 million orphans all over the world and you will definitely get many opportunities to serve them. There are many projects that are run poorly and they got donations having fake orphanages. So if you want to join such projects then always ask some questions so that your volunteer experience will be a positive one and it leaves a great impact on local community. The program you join should monitor their volunteer and they must have a background check. You can also search orphanage tourism before you plan to go abroad.

The Definition of Orphan

UN has presented the definition of orphan and according to it any child who is under 18 and for some bad reason he or he has lost one or both of the parents. It does not include the children that are social orphans and they are waiting for their parental rights. They are being neglected and their parents are unable to care for them. When the parents are unable to care for their child then all his human needs are not met. They are being left helpless because the protection of their parents is absent.

Downsizing of Orphanage Volunteering

This industry is becoming a scam because of the increasing number of fake orphanages. The country which is facing such problems is Cambodia. The orphanages in Cambodia promise to give better life protection, and education but they live a very poor and miserable life in these fake orphanages. The tourists visit these orphanages for some hours and donate a lot of money which is not spent on these orphans. The question is again there that these orphanages should have some background check.

Being an orphanage volunteer can be very challenging and depressing. It can be beneficial if the orphans are placed with family networks and they should be adopted. So all these volunteers should work to provide them extended family networks. These Childs are very sensitive and you have to carefully handle them if they are facing any emotional issue. The most precious gift that you can offer to them is your love and acceptance. If you will keep yourself connected with this project for a long time then these children will depend more on you and will get the feeling of stability.

-- ZylaCourtney - 22 Apr 2017
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