Do you want to know how much does Uber pay to their drivers?

Uber is one of the trusted services as people enjoy rides with this affordable traveling service. This service not only offer the traveling option but people can also affiliate themselves with Uber as a part time job. Everyone desire to be his own boss and make great money in less effort. However, a person should know how much he can make as an Uber driver before he gets started. Most of the people feel mysterious and they want to know how much does Uber pay to their drivers. Here, you will have a clear idea about the payment which the Uber offer to their drivers.

How much money the Uber pay to their drivers?

The pay which a person get depends on the time he spends on driving. A driver can earn as much as he wants. The more a person drive, the more he will make. The average pay depends on when and where you drive, and also on the hours you spend each week on driving. Moreover, the driver receives the fares weekly and the money is directly deposited into the account.

Payment system of the Uber

The payment system of the Uber is quite complex and most of the people do not understand it easily. Sometimes, the actual payment is quite different from the expected payment. Following are the various payment system of the Uber.

Weekly Payment Statement

The weekly payment statement is received weekly depends on the money that a person earn in a week. Most of the Uber services emailed the weekly payment statement on Tuesday but some service may dispatch the statement on Wednesday.

Instant Pay System

Instant pay is also rolled out by the Uber service for quick payment. Through such account, the money that a person earn is transferred to a debit card account instantly.

Items listed in the Uber Payment Statement

The Uber emailed a detailed payment statement which includes several items. Listed below are certain items mentioned in the payment statement:
  • Fare which the driver receive from the passenger excluding the Uber’s free ride.
  • Surge rides earning.
  • Includes the deduction of the Uber’s fee.
  • Tolls that a driver pay while driving.
  • Payment and deduction of the rider fee.
  • Also include the cleaning fee, miscellaneous reimbursements and the fare corrections.
  • Includes the promotions and referral bonuses.
  • The total payout which you receive on the direct deposit.
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