Telephone systems for Business Company

Telephone is a telecommunication device. It connects two people to have a conversation with each other. There are several types of phone system that run on different technology in business companies. But company should use that system is good for there and also useful. Right telephone system is the heart of the business. Business telephone system are usually multi line telephone system. Business success rate depend on the telephone system a company have. Many types of system are there but the one which suits your company should be given the priority.

There are three business telephone system KSU, PBX and VOIP. For each of these there is a hosted and non-hosted version.


KSU stands for key business telephone system, this is most basic model of phone system. It uses key system unit. This system is only for small business where there is no more 40 employees working as phone operators. It is much same as home telephone system and is easy to use. It has all the things and features which a business need but disadvantage of it is that it lacks in portability and flexibility and uses central switching to manually determine phone line.

The variation of this KSU-less which has same phoned capabilities as the basic system have and also it is portable and flexible and entirely wireless.

KSU has also some limitations, it allowed only 10 phone operators and is not sold commercially. KSU is suitable for small business that have no need to expand their workforce. But it’s not as suitable for business to grow.


Another system is PBX (private advance exchange system). This more advanced than KSU and KSU-LESS. It uses programmable switching device and allow automatic routing incoming calls. It is automated system and suitable for company having 40 pus employees. PBX features interrupt power supply allow business to remain functional without even electricity. Modification of this system is hosted PBX. Main advantage of this is to avoid some installation and maintenance costs involved in PBX system.


VOIP is the latest telephone invention for the business. Voice over internet protocol is the advanced system which allow the client and phone operator to communicate each other even when both peoples are in different countries. It works with both internet and computer. The main benefit of this system is that functionalist can be easily accessed. VoIP system can also be hosted offering same advantages as basic VoIP system give.

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