Outplacement as Support for Redundant Employees

At a certain point in time, companies may be forced to lay off a number of their workers due to their positions being closed up. Such a situation is known as redundancy, this puts both the worker and the organization at an awkward position. Employees may be offered certain benefits and pay for the next month, however at this stage what they make really be looking for is better step in their career.

This is where outplacement support walks in and helps organizations transition their employees in a better way. They work with the company to provide their redundant employees support and guidance towards another step in their career.

What Outplacement Offers

Outplacement assistance tends to be a sort of a bonus or benefit to an employee if it is present in their working environment. It consists of a sort of advising or counselling session. Where job searching skills and interview tactics are offered to employees in order to strengthen them for their next move. Furthermore, outplacement support also allows employees to work on improving their resumes and writing cover letters for job openings. Other interactive workshops may also be conducted in groups in order to strengthen communication and presentation skills of workers.

Is It Successful?

Reviews will suggest that the success of outplacement assistance can be debated. Certain people may argue that there are too many employees being laid off and too less job openings for them, hence the whole idea of a transitioning fails to work. Others may suggest that their skills and workshops offered by outplacement firm may be useless or inconvenient. And on top of that, certain individuals may not be able to get one on one support as a lot of people are being laid off and it is difficult to manage them altogether.

That being said, there are good and bad to the idea of outplacement support However, it is true that outplacement does offer a positive impact on the workers of an organization. It allows them to feel secure about the possibility of falling redundant or being laid off. It offers a variety of support and guidance which will allow various employees to move on to a better step in their life or career. It is definitely better than having no support.

-- ZylaCourtney - 07 Sep 2017
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