Zero stress: how to avoid bad experiences in Morocco tours and trips

There is no doubt that a country can be beautiful for its landscapes, people, cities among other things, but sometimes there are bad sides about a country that seem to reflect a bad example of a good country, this is something that happens in Morocco.

If you did the Morocco Tours or trips you surely experienced the feeling of going to a new and different city, you got lost in the medina, you saw a show in the famous square, and you had fun riding a camel, among other things. The fact is that sometimes this could be overwhelming as you just saw the crowded cities, full of people trying to sell you stuffs and tourists walking around. If you did not do the Morocco Tours maybe you did not have your own local guide and people were chasing you trying to guide you through the city, and we cannot forget about those people who keep an eye on your car without telling you anything (and they surely will ask for a tip). Also, the thing about bargaining. If you are not good at bargaining or you are too afraid of asking for a better price, they will sell you things in crazy prices as you are a tourist and they think you should have much money.

Apart from that, there will be a moment in the Morocco Tours in which you will get tired of everything: walking down the streets (that sometimes seem without ending or just a labyrinth), being around people really close to you (hundreds of tourists, Moroccan), feeling tired when shopkeepers are trying to sell you things and they even grab you by the elbow. Many things that are not too positive if you have to face them every day.

Fortunately, there are some places that can give you that escape you desperately need from the crowded cities and all people living in the city and this place is called Moulay Idriss.

I know you will be clueless as you never heard this city before, you will not trust me and you are just going to say “I am not going to that place, I prefer Fez, I prefer getting crazy here and not wasting my money”, but when you get here you will be thankful. This town can be included in the Morocco Tours and it is great for escaping of the city. There are other cities and towns that are also a good option but let’s be clear this is a new one.

This place is quiet and relaxing, you can ride a bike or just walk if you want to explore this place. You do not need to take a taxi if you want a real experience you should not do that and you can walk without feeling the pressure of being in the big city, scared of sellers or other bad people. You can see the Roman Ruins of Volubilis and take amazing pictures.

You can take a day for shopping calmly – no stress, no pressures, thinking clearly about what you want to buy without feeling someone behind your backs irritating you and you can watch people’s daily life, teenagers, families, neighbors, all having a relaxing life. Actually, this place shows the Moroccan life style in the best way possible without pressure or stress.

This is basically one of the hidden places in Morocco, nobody notices how relaxing is being here and riding your bike without getting worried, or how you share time with your family. Morocco Tours should always offer these kind of places in which you feel like you were in heaven.

-- ZylaCourtney - 14 Nov 2016
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